Mark Mcilyar

Prior to creating the Abs After 40 workout, Mark Mcilyar was known as a model, a television commercial star, and a vintage race car driver.

Mark Mcilyar has appeared in a lot of television commercials, GM trucks, Sport Clips, and Whole Foods just to name a few. He was a physique model for more than ten years in both print and video. In 2009, he directed and produced a short documentary about his vintage racing club. The name of it was “A Weekend With CVAR” and, in this video, he recorded a lot of fellow vintage racers while they experienced the thrill of wheel-to-wheel racing at Texas Motor Speedway. The feedback he got from this video was so positive that he made this concept into a national television series. 

mark mcilyar abs after fortyIn the year 2014, Mr. Mcilyar produced and directed a promotional trailer to attract people to his idea for a new reality show.

The name of the sizzle reel was “Vintage Racer” and it attracted the attention of the acclaimed producer/director Randall Dark right away.

In 2015, Dark and Mcilyar worked together to create a pilot for a new television series “Fast From The Past.” It is a reality television show that combines the love of old cars with the adrenaline of the race track.

It focuses on the amateur racing culture where the characters are just as fascinating as their cars. They follow the lives of “ordinary” people (dentist’s, fireman, veterans, salesmen, etc.) who turn loved muscle cars into true racing machines.

Mark Mcilyar’s latest project is being the host and spokesman for “Six Pack Shortcuts”. Abs After 40 is part of this project, and is one of the biggest internet based fitness organizations that has close to four million subscribers. Marks workout focuses on low impact compound exercises to help men get abs after forty, as the title of the program implies.

You can learn more about Mark Mcilyar’s Abs After Forty workout on his official website, just click the get more information button below to get started.